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Places at a restaurant

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What is a Restaurant Floor Plan?

A restaurant floor plan is a map of your restaurant’s physical space, encompassing all of the elements of your establishment. This includes the dining area, waiting area, kitchen, prep areas, storage, and bathroom, and how they fit into your space together. 

A restaurant floor plan should include:

  • The kitchen
  • Kitchen elements like refrigerators, stoves, and other large appliances
  • Tables and chairs
  • The entrance
  • The waiting area
  • The bar area
  • The restrooms
  • Your staff area or backroom
  • Outdoor seating
  • Your restaurant POS system and payment systems
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Emergency exits
  • Square footage

How many Part of a Restaurant?


A restaurant is not making with only a part. Restaurants are making with different part and its every part is very important to a restaurant. And there are different works of each part.

Basically, there are Ten (10) important parts in a Restaurant.

Such As:

  1. Parking
  2. Reception
  3. Cash Counter
  4. Dining Hall
  5. Family Section
  6.  Side Station
  7. Pantry Section
  8. Kitchen
  9. Dish Washing
  10. Toilet.
Restaurant Part
  1. Parking: Parking is the first important area of a Restaurant or Hotel Where Guest may keep their Personal car. And the area should be secured so that your Guests anything do not lost. And everything of your guest will be secured.
  2. Reception: Reception is most important part of a Restaurant or Hotel. So Your Reception Department should be Strong and furnished with Good Behavior.
  3. Cash: It is also an important part of Restaurant where guest pay his/ her Bill. And It is also a part of reception.
  4. Dining Hall: Dining Hall is a place of F&B Service and taking seat and having Food. In dining Hall guest complete their Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and held Party.
  5. Family Section: Family Section is a place of have seat and food with family member. Many people do not want to have food in front of others peoples. So Family Section is the perfect place for those peoples who want to have their food privately.
  6. Side Station: Side Station is a place of gather Food to serve. Where Ready foods are reserve for serve to Guest.
  7. Pantry Section: Pantry Section is the most important and valuable part of a Restaurant. Tea, Coffee, Lassi, Juice, Ice Tea, Cold Coffee, Fresh Fruit Juice and others things are prepare in Pantry Section.
  8. Kitchen: Kitchen is most and very important for any Restaurant. And it should be neat and clean all time because kitchen is the main place to making all kind of food.
  9. Dish Washing: Dish Washing is one of the important sections. Where all kind of Equipment making neat & clean. So, it should be good and strong.

  10. Toilet: Toilet is the very important part of a Hotel or Restaurant. Another name of Toilet is Fresh Room some peoples is called it as wash room. And should be all time clean and with good smell. Basically toilet section is a place of Satisfaction.

There are about ten important sections in a Restaurant. And I think all section and departments are very important. You cannot think a good Restaurant without one section of above. So, you should be strong and responsible to make your all section in very well.


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