Erudite Languages Level Test

Welcome to the Erudite Languages English Level Test!

This English Language Level Test has been designed to evaluate your proficiency in listening, reading and use of the English language.

The insights gained from this test will play a crucial role in placing you in the most appropriate English language course that aligns with your current skill set and learning needs.

There are some important details and guidelines to ensure a smooth and effective testing experience.

Test Duration:

    • You will have a approximately one hour to complete the entire placement test.

    • Allocate your time wisely across the sections, ensuring that you have sufficient time to carefully consider and respond to each question.

General Instructions:

    • Read all instructions for each section thoroughly before starting.

    • Answer all questions to the best of your ability. There is no penalty for incorrect answers, so try to provide a response for every question.


The placement test has been divided into three sections.

  • Listening
    • There are two parts to the listening section.
    • Part 1, you hear a series of short audios, and are required to answer a set of multiple choice questions.
    • Part 2, you hear a set of conversations, and are required to complete a set of notes related to the listening.
  • Reading
    • You are required to read several short passage and answer questions related to the readings.
  • Use of English
    • In this section, you are required to select the best answer to complete a sentence.

Thank you for participating in the English Placement Test.

Your dedication to this assessment is invaluable in shaping a personalized and effective language learning journey.

Best of luck, and enjoy the process!

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