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Erudite Languages

We are a group of specialized international language teachers

with a huge amount of experience around the world. Receive unique online English classes with a truly global team.

You will have the great advantage

that all our teachers have a native level of fluency in the language and have a bachelor's degree or higher in the field of education.

Online English classes

Our specialized teachers will give you the skills to speak in the real world, including reading, writing, and listening abilities, which can be applied to tourism, business, entertainment, medicine, aviation, studying abroad, or simply to start a conversation.

We love teaching

and seeing you achieve your goals in the English language. Have your classes with English teachers online and start learning naturally.

Have your classes with English teachers online

with programs made to your needs and without interrupting your daily routine. With the use of modern technology, our teachers are ready to serve you 24 hours a day; anywhere in the world.

Get to know our unique method for learning English online

Save money

Don’t spend money going back and for to school or traveling abroad. At Erudite Languages, ​​you will have the best language learning experience wherever you are. With our system, choose your hours to learn English online, since you only need an internet connection. Forget about traffic, save time and money on transfers. Learn English with a special method that adapts to your routine.

Learn and practice

Develop your language skills, for study, work, or pleasure. Have your classes with English teachers online, and they will guide you through the learning process to communicate in another language. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, speak a little, or are already more advanced, with our method of learning English, you have guaranteed success.

Choose an objective

Learn English with our unique method. You’ll have hundreds of lessons and topics to choose from at your fingertips. In addition, you can browse various topics and receive recommended activities that meet your needs.

Live online English classes

The teachers will give you a conversational, fun, and dynamic class. The class will focus on your needs so that you achieve your goals. With this system, choose your hours to learn English.

Experience a multicultural environment

Our teachers are professional language instructors. We have more than 35 years of educational experience that guarantees a more personalized language learning experience. You will enjoy learning with our wide range of topics.

The best online English language courses

Really learn English

  • Talk to our team of academics and together, we will develop a learning path that includes what you really want to learn.
  • Unique English courses adapted to learning online.
  • Conversational classes focused on developing fluency and confidence.
  • Classes with real goals based on everyday life.


  • Unique and personalized courses. You can choose the content, or we can suggest the objectives.
  • In Erudite Languages, you will find the best online English courses.
  • You can recommend topics, and we design the classes, courses, and programs.


  • Highly trained professionals with extensive experience as well as native level fluency in the language (level C1 – according to the common European framework).
  • An international team to give you a global experience in the language.
  • Reliable, dynamic, and professional, experts in online English language courses ideal for flexible learning.


  • Flexible schedule, you can choose the time of your class without having to wait or have a fixed schedule.
  • You can take the class wherever you are, you just need an internet connection.
  • Connect with your cell phone, tablet, or computer.


  • You receive constant feedback about your progress.
  • You evaluate each of your teachers, to improve your program.
  • You advance at your own pace by learning what you need.
  • Continual learning assessment.

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