Reading Test

Change this TEXT – In the Reading Test you are tested on your ability to understand written English. Your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar is…

Reading Part 7

In part 7 you will read a selection of texts, such as letters, articles, notices, emails, and advertisements. Each text is follow by several questions.…

Reading Part 6

With the first part of the reading down, let’s move on to part 6. In this part, you will see sentences with four words and/or…

Reading Part 5

Great! So, we have gotten over the listening and it’s time to move on to the reading section. This part focuses on your vocabulary and…

Listening Part 4

In part 4, you will have to answer two or more questions about a single audio. You will see the questions and four different options.…

Listening Part 3

In part 3 a couple of people have a conversation and you have to answer a question about what they said. You can see the…

Listening Part 2

On to part 2 of the TOEIC listening! In this part you will hear a speaker ask a question or make a statement and another…

Listening Part 1

The listening section of the test is designed to test your ability to understand spoken English. There are 4 parts, and each section gets longer…

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Word Formadjective
DefinitionNot interesting; dull.
UsageThe jejune novel was full of trite phrases and dull banter that went on for pages at a time, but I nevertheless read it from cover to cover.

let's speak better english


let's speak better english