Projects Corner: Enhance Your Speaking Skills

Welcome to the Projects Corner, where your students can hone their speaking abilities through engaging oral assignments.

Designed to complement your language learning journey, these projects provide practical opportunities to practice and improve your spoken English in real-life scenarios.

About Projects

In this section, you’ll find a variety of oral assignments carefully curated by our team of experienced educators. Each project is crafted to stimulate conversation and encourage fluency, covering a range of topics and situations relevant to everyday life and professional environments.

From role-playing scenarios to debate topics, our projects are designed to challenge and inspire students at every proficiency level. Whether you’re practicing greetings and introductions or discussing complex issues, these assignments will help you build confidence and proficiency in spoken English.


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Teachers, are you ready to enrich your students’ learning experience? Upload your own projects to share with our community and inspire fellow educators. Your contributions play a vital role in fostering a collaborative learning environment and providing students with diverse speaking opportunities.

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