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  • Talk to our team of academics and together, we will develop a learning path that includes what you really want to learn.
  • Unique English courses adapted to learning online.
  • Conversational classes focused on developing fluency and confidence.
  • Classes with real goals based on everyday life.


  • Unique and personalized courses. You can choose the content, or we can suggest the objectives.
  • In Erudite Languages, you will find the best online English courses.
  • You can recommend topics, and we design the classes, courses, and programs.


  • Highly trained professionals with extensive experience as well as native level fluency in the language (level C1 – according to the common European framework).
  • An international team to give you a global experience in the language.
  • Reliable, dynamic, and professional, experts in online English language courses ideal for flexible learning.


  • Flexible schedule, you can choose the time of your class without having to wait or have a fixed schedule.
  • You can take the class wherever you are, you just need an internet connection.
  • Connect with your cell phone, tablet, or computer.


  • You receive constant feedback about your progress.
  • You evaluate each of your teachers, to improve your program.
  • You advance at your own pace by learning what you need.
  • Continual learning assessment.

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let's speak better english


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let's speak better english


let's speak better english